Content Management

by Mediatopia

We have created our own Content Management System that is used by businesses all over the globe.

Sometimes off the shelf systems do not function the way you need them to do, that is why WebHedz Media have their own highly sophisticated Content Management System which can be tweaked for your type of business! It has been programmed so that absolutely everyone can use it, no matter what your level of computer skill!


About our Content Management System

Are you precious about your business, do you want to have a completely unique website designed and engineered by professionals, then look no further. WebHedz Media have designed and developed over 1000 website design projects in the last 7 years.

From a business consultation to a finished CMS product catalogue, WebHedz Media have a wealth of knowledge about online business processes and how to turn your business ideas into online money making websites. We have listed a few of the capabilities of our CMS. Depending on what your requirements are we will sit with you and explain what functionality the CMS has to offer and create the right CMS for your business as each company has a different approach to business and no two websites are the same.

It may be that you want to use a feature that we have not thought of, or you might have an existing function on your current website that you would like to keep, if this is the case we can incorporate the same function into our CMS, as we built it, we can support you and your business.

Take a peek below at some of the functionality of our Content Management System

Page Administration
JavaScript Slideshows
Document Downloads
Image Galleries
Banner Images
News Feeds
Links Page

Client/Member Login
Newsletter Database
Mailchimp Auto-Sync
Event Management
Case Studies
Tag Search
Product Administration

Category Administration
Multi-level Categories
Define RRP Product Prices
Price On Application
Product Image Captions
Product Description Tabs
Product Tags

Delivery Rates
Delivery Zones
Product Variations
Product Options
Product Codes
Special Offer Discounts
Social Media Integration

Creating the right website for your business

Understanding what functionality you need your website to perform can be an arduous task, that is why Mediatopia can help advise you on the best type of website that needs to be created for your business. If you need special functionality that is not in the list above, no problem, we can create a separate quote based on your requirements.

Update using your Mobile or Tablet

Simply access your CMS dashboard from any mobile or tablet device and update your website when you are out and about!

  • Change website content on the go.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Straight-forward navigation.
  • Flexible and robust system.

Integrated Mobile Website

Why pay for something twice! Our premium CMS clients get a mobile version of their website at no extra cost.

  • Mobile website changes automatically.
  • Receive more website internet traffic.
  • Great for brand awareness.
  • Impress your clients.

Never need a new website again!

The WebHedz Media CMS is a powerful and scalable system. If your business expands and you need more features no problem!

  • Powerful scalable system.
  • Upgrade or downgrade.
  • Social media integrations.
  • Marketing data analysis.

Get in touch

Contact WebHedz Media today for a quote! If you are thinking about a new website project, or uncertain about which type of website you need, please use our enquiry form and we will contact with you no-obligation quote and some words of wisdom! Alternatively if you want to speak to one of our specialists ask for Duncan on 01823 429080. We look forward in working with you soon.